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LYSPACKAGING supports you in the design of new sustainable products that will help you in your transformation and your differentiation. Enter an innovative process that gives meaning to the planet in an ecological approach by crossing the expertise of each.

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WILD & THE MOON a selection of cold pressed juices, vegetable drinks, smoothies, salads, soups, desserts, super bowls and snacks to offer a healthy alternative for city dwellers. Wild & The Moon products are homemade, made from fruits, vegetables, herbs, roots and wild plants, nuts, seeds, spices and superfoods, all from organic, local and ethical farming.

Their recipes are inspired by the seasons, the ingredients we love, and the trips. They’ve been tapping into the flavors and ingredients of our childhood memories, along the paths taken by chance in life, and sprinkled them with herbalism and naturopathic secrets to create a new nutritional alchemy.

WILD & THE MOON asked us to create a brand and an identity for this innovation and to bring it to life through a simple, trendy plant case in the United States.

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Logo yumi
yumi bouteille végétale biodegradable compostable

YUMI chooses the most tasty organic vegetables and fruits. Kale, carrot, beet, ginger, turmeric … your taste buds may be surprised!

To avoid wasting precious fossil resources, Yumi chose to use veganbottle bottles. They are ideal because they are compostable and biodegradable. A Yumi bottle takes 84 days to disappear in an industrial compost, where the other bottles would take around 400 years to disappear.

Never pasteurized, YUMI juices are subjected to very high pressure (HPP) in a large tank of water to optimally preserve vitamins and minerals!

YUMI asked us to create a brand and a consistent identity for its range of fresh juices without endocrine disruptors and provide a technical solution for switching to high pressure cold HPP.

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Beyond offering healthy drinks, Jubiles defends ecological and united values.
JUBILES is a brand of the company Biomère.

– Sourcing only raw materials from organic, local and seasonal farming, and / or from fair trade
– Recover our organic waste
– Favor biodegradable packaging
– Consume only renewable energy

– Create a caring and rewarding work environment for all: employees, customers, suppliers, partners
– Support the supply chains ensuring fair prices for all
– Foster and support structures that are part of a social and solidarity economy approach

– Educate the general public about the effects of food on well-being, health and physiology
– Promote sustainable behavior with our consumers

JUBILES asked us to create a SUSTAINABLE brand and identity for its range of drinks and provide an green alternative to traditional plastics.


Since 2013 VITALAY produces a passionate cold tea. Since 2013 VITALAY produces a passionate cold tea.
The Cold Brew VITALAY?
It is to mix a thousand-year-old tradition with the precision of a Swiss cuckoo clock. We let the plants open at their own pace in temperature-controlled water in order to extract the best from a gustatory and nutritive point of view.
Our cold tea is 100% natural and slightly sweet.
Our bottles and labels are made from 100% biodegradable and compostable sugar cane fiber. We are the first Swiss company to offer this type of bottle made from sugar cane waste, which reduces the impact on the environment with significant benefits throughout the production-consumption-elimination cycle.
And it was finally in 2018 that Vitalay settled down at Bernex, set up its production laboratory and its office in order to produce daily and offer a product of incredible quality.
A winning partnership with LYSPACKAGING and its plant solution.

logo araquelle

ARAQUELLE SAS was created in 1996 by its current CEO, Philippe PETIT. For 30 years, the company has been developing its activities around organic plants.

This is how the company developed 4 large families which today make up the ARAQUELLE catalog.

– Romon Nature: organic healthy herbal teas
– Provence d’Antan: Our traditional range of herbal teas, herbs, organic spices and salts.
– Plantasia: Exceptional origins teas
– Florel: Luxury infusions from France guaranteed

Since 1989, ARAQUELLE has offered one of the widest ranges in France around the organic and high-quality plant: Romon Nature (herbal teas), Plantasia (exceptional teas), Florel (infusions) and Provence d “Antan ( culinary aids and tradition herbal teas).
“Respect for man, nature and the land represent our philosophy, our passion and our convictions”

ARAQUELLE asked us to create a brand and a plant identity for its range of aromatic products and provide an sustainable alternative solution to traditional plastics.



LYSPACKAGING received on October 16 in Paris from the hands of Jean-Jacques Bourdin the prestigious RMC PME trophy of the company of the year in the creative category


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